Welcome to Aashvi Proficiency Testing & Analytical Services

Food Chemistry & Microbiology

Food Chemistry  & Microbiology Proficiency testing.

Precious Metal

Precious Metal Proficiency testing for materials being regularly analysed.


Water Proficiency testing for quality & safety of the out-coming products.

Benefits of Proficiency Testing

  • Comparison of competency with other participants
  • Improvement in the Performance of tests
  • Staff Education, Training and Competence monitoring
  • Identifying testing or measurement problems
  • Comparing methods and procedures
  • Instilling confidence in staff, management and external users of laboratory services
  • Determining method Precision and Accuracy
  • Satisfying Regulators and Accreditation bodies


Aashvi Proficiency testing & Analytical Services (A-PT), is committed to good professional practices and quality of proficiency testing services to participants, accreditation and regulatory bodies and customers.

A-PT maintains proficiency testing management systems in such a way that it does not get influenced internally or externally and cause adverse effect on proficiency test results.

A-PT provides PT services with highest standard of quality by meeting the objectives and purpose of the PT rounds, by fulfilling the customer and statutory requirements.

A-PT maintains competence, impartiality and operational integrity throughout the proficiency round and uses appropriate equipment and techniques for proficiency testing activities.

A-PT management ensures that all the personnel of the organization concerned with proficiency testing are trained and competent and familiarize themselves with the quality management system documentation and implement the policies and procedures in their day to day work.

A-PT management is committed to comply with ISO/IEC 17043:2010 standard by maintaining Quality Management System through continual improvement and effectiveness while providing the PT services.